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We are a close knit society of an elite guard dating back to the beginning of Norrath. The founder, who fused with the Tree of Antiquity, giving it consciousness, is of a race not even known to us. Our purpose is clear, but our methods to that purpose must be laid out. First, our ranks. There are six ranks of the Guardians of Antiquity. The Circle of six have three administration castes, and three membership castes. These groups are all crucial to our existence, and strictly laid out.

Membership Castes

True Seekers of the Root- This is the probationary membership level. Once tagged, joined the messageboard, registered with us at guild magic, and emailed the Guildmaster their character info, these guardians are observed for a period prior to being given full membership status. We forever grow in numbers!

Warriors of the Mind- This is Full membership. Once bestowed the Warrior of the Mind is blessed with a MIND LINK to the Tree of Antiquity, so that it may record all that they see and do. Warriors of the Mind deserve respect!

Rune Masters- This is the Elite caste of membership. These Warriors have been promoted to the highest membership honor. They are now eligible for nomination for officer-ship testing by other officers.

Administrative Castes

Officers- These are our officers, able to tag new members, and given individual responsibilities to the guild as well. There are two castes of officers

  1. Guardians of Light- This is the officer caste responsible for the planning of guild events, raids, and works of good in the guild. Theirs is a tedious and honorable job!!

  2. Guardians of Darkness- This is our elite police and arbitration unit. Theirs is the dealing of darkness. Difficulties in guild and without are herein handled. They are also battlemasters planning warfare for raids, or guild wars. Heed them!!!!

Officer Roles and Guidlines-To help them fulfill these roles, all officers will be given the e-mail listings. There are also two officers who work as our N.A.K. Representatives in the Alliance. Your current NAK Rep is MEGERA

1.  Guild Raid Planner/Organizer-


  This officer will be responsible for planning, organizing and leading guild  raids.  The survey on the homepage showed it is a necessary position.  This specifically involves setting up time and place, doing the research on the place,  and e-mailing announcements as well as posting on the messageboard at least one week in advance, preferably two weeks.  Raids must be planned for not just the average levels in the guild but also for the several "spots". For example, there is a cluster around mid fifties, forties, a cluster  around mid thirties, and a cluster around mid-twenties.  Also leading  expeditions for lower levels and teens to low level areas, and teaching  spawns and camps will be very helpful.  Our Guild Lore Raids on Saturdays are separate from this role. It requires high organization skills and good time management.  A second in command may be  added to help in planning and execution.  This would preferrably be a Guardian of Darkness. Your Current Battlemaster is Maugrin

2. Guild Event Planner/Organizer-


Very similar to the first position described this officer does the planning, organizing, and executing of guild events such as competitions,  the guardian bazaar, newbie and recruiting events, and meetings for promotions, parties, and officer meetings.  This officer is responsible for getting the members to know that something is happening, giving responsiblities out...for example x person will bring booze, y person will bring batwing crunchies ect...and e-mailing announcements to all members.  Again they will need to e-mail and post on the messageboard preferrably two weeks prior to the date.  A second in command may be added to help in planning and execution.This would preferrably be a  Guardian of Light.

Note: (once finalized only Uian or myself can post on the guild event page, let us know in advance)

3.  Guild Treasurer-

    This position is for an officer who has a main or alt capable of porting.  They need to be able to port for picking up donations to the guild vault.  This position also is in communication with the Guild event planner so that prizes available for competition or for giving away equipment from the vault at events can be organized.  This requires an in depth knowledge of items and their value/use.  This member is entrusted with a great responsibility to all of us.  The Banker should be located in teh Bazaar for easy access.

    This is a very fun position as you get to see all types of items, however it carries a huge burden.  If the Treasurer fails to produce an item (due to sale of item ect) or fail to supply the guild's pp, it means immediate turnover of treasury and stepping down as officer to TS, the probationary  level.  They have one chance to redeem themselves by producing the item in three weeks or getting a new one in that timeframe.  If not, they are removed from the guild. Your Current Guild Treasurer is Linala.
We hope these actions are never necessary though.

Master of the Guild- This is the second in command. They work in the guildmaster’s stead. They have full authority when guildmaster is not present and are required to have high online time, meet each member possible once a month for grouping, help, or to say hello, and offer a trade skill to the guild. It is a great responsibility. Your current Master of the guild is UIAN

Guildmaster- Head of GoA. They are responsible for guild news, web page, guild cohesion, basically everything necessary outside other’s responsibility. Also the only member able to "make" officers, able to tag, and "remove" members. Your Current Guildmaster is VINMAR

Porting, Binding, ect-
Officers capable of porting, binding, and other services usually paid for ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for these services to the guild.  It is requested that for the first 20 minutes and last 20 minutes they are online they offer these services, but not required.  In the case of Corpse run ports, or rez for example, you are asking for a favor from a person, not an officer.  The officers are being given HEAVY responsibility, and these extras are not part of officership.  Asking for help is very different than calling an officer for a service.   Don't take it personally if they say no, they have plenty they have to do already.

Grouping with officers-
Officers, just like you, have friends they wish to group with, and goals for their characters.  They may feel OBLIGATED to group with members, and it is great  when they do.  This is what a guild is for, officers and members alike.  Sometimes though we all need to hunt, and get that next level.  It will now be acceptable for an officer to use an AFK HUNTING TONIGHT message.  Problems, requests, and  officer business can still be sent to them, with AFK your message will still be received.  If it is not officer business though, they may not respond.  This should not be an every night occurance, but we all know how hard it is to ask the other five members in a group to stop pulling and fighting in order to respond to someone's question about a tradeskill ect.  Any questions about this can be directed to me.

Guild psychologist
There isn't one! Officers are not working for you to help your self esteem or make you  feel better about that train that just squashed you...ROFL!  Don't waste their time with your issues unless they relate to the officer position.  That is the work they do for you.  If they are your friend, then you are talking to the right person.  It has nothing to do with their rank in the guild.  You will just be taking away from the time they could be spending to better the guild, and themselves.  The higher your officers get, the more useful they are to you.  Also, you may be higher level than an officer, if you are, keep that in mind.  When you ask them for trivial  help and you are ten levels above them they may...gulp...resent it.  You may become an  officer some day, please remember that and let it teach us that officers are just people  too.  : )

All members are also bound by the rules and regulations of the charter of The Norrathian Alliance of Kindness, and are responsible thereto.


To rise to full membership one must email character info to the guildmaster, so that they can receive guild news. New members also must register at Guild Magic to be listed in the roster for raids and events, as well as register with our messageboard. They must also prove themselves good and fair players. This promotion from True Seeker to Warrior of the Mind ensures that all alts entering the guild begin at Warrior of the mind. However no alt may be promoted beyond that level unless main in guild is changed.

To rise to Rune Master one must be a warrior of the mind. They must also show great knowledge of the game and help their guild mates. They should be well known by most and very helpful to the guild. They should attend all guild functions possible.

To rise to officership one must be a rune master. Officers watch the Rune Masters looking for those that are especially knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and have a lot of time online. Once nominated for officership a guild quest or responsibility is assigned. Responsibilities can include planning or leading guild events or raids. The guild quests are specifically designed for said nominee’s level, class, and ability. NO OFFICER MAY HELP WITH THESE QUESTS. Nominee’s can however recruit help from anywhere in the membership castes, but must report said help as it plays a factor in helper’s promotions. Once the quest or responsibility is completed, the new officer will gain tagging ability, and take on their duties in one of the two officer castes.

To rise to Master of the Guild one must retire. If this position is open, then officers nominate other officers for the position. The top two nominee’s are voted on and, if unanimous decision can not be reached, the Rune Masters vote, and their winner counts as an officer vote. This vote along with officer votes then selects Master of the Guild by majority rule. If the majority vote recipient declines such heavy responsibility, the runner up takes the position.

To rise to Guildmaster the Guildmaster must resign. In this situation the Master of the Guild fills the position by both players petitioning Verant to switch leadership on the server. It is a long and arduous wait. The Guildmaster AT NO TIME shall delete his or her character without transferring leadership. This would result in the guild’s deletion!

Charter Declarations: (membership guidelines)

We do not tolerate kill stealing or camp stealing. Our elite police and arbitration unit has set protocols for dealing with these infractions. You will never be ejected from the guild without positive identification of the infraction. This means that if done to players outside the guild, you will be confronted. Outside players can access your Guildmaster easily. The Guildmaster turns the issue over to the Guardians of Darkness. They will come to you and ask for your side of the story. BE HONEST! The worst ever done resulted only in the perpetrator having to apologize. These types of infractions can mean guild wars, which we do NOT want.

We Encourage Sharing. Be it inside or outside the guild, always remember that the 2pp you get for that bronze weapon, or 4pp for fine steel could make a younger player’s month! We all share, and when we can, we give gifts. The simple truth is, the more you share, the more people think of you when giving something away =)

Use the guild chat responsibly We have members ranging from their 60’s to 13 years old. Please simply be advised of this.

Use the Message Board This is where most of the guild information you will need can be found. Besides guild news, you will miss out on everything not using this great resource. Your mind link to the Tree of Antiquity is found at Our Messageboard

Keep an eye on the webpage We had our original page lost when THE GLOBE went out of business. The new page is constantly under construction, being built bigger and better than last time. Send in a picture for your character’s profile at guildmagic, I will upload it to our storage space here, put it in the slideshows as they are updated, and send you the link to put on your guildmagic profile. You can always find your homepage here:

ASK FOR HELP We are all here for one another! Don’t expect others to know when you need help. Ask for help in the guild channel, on the message board, however you like to. We are very selective meaning that almost no one becomes a member unless they are willing to help each other. Need a difficult drop? Looking for a port? Not sure where to go for good leveling? Just Ask!! =)



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