Guild Lore

The Founder fusing with The Tree of Antiquity!
The first image of Antiquity preserved was that of the Tree of Antiquity's creation. Behold the advent of champions, and the birth of Norrath's secret Heros!

Guild Lore
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The Guardians of Antiquity are the protectors of the Tree of Antiquity. This Sacred Tree achieved consciousness when the Founder, of a race no longer known in Norrath, fused with it. The Tree of Antiquity is laden with fruit of Gems. These precious gems hold images of wars forgotten, places unknown, and all the history of Norrath. Its goal, and ours, is to collect, store, and protect all antiquity for the future generations. Deeds good and evil, crucial and mundane must be known, err we suffer the same mistakes forever.

Once a Mind Link to the Tree of Antiquity is established, and one becomes a Warrior of the Mind, all that they say, do, feel, and see will be recorded. We aim to help the forces of good and equality in Norrath, but our first aim is to guard the secrets of all antiquity. Knowing the history of the world gives us the upper hand in all our dealings, but the Tree is not just for us, its for generations of Guardians for thousands of years to come!

Once long ago the Tree of Antiquity was attacked. Many brave Guardians marched to their demise in a futile attempt to thwart hundreds of foes. Once we were overtaken, and the invaders realized that the Tree of Antiquity would not reveal its knowledge to them, the Tree was cut down, severed from its Roots. Several eons past before the Tree was rediscovered. Discovered by one who was chosen by the Tree, they built the guardians once more. The TRUE SEEKER OF THE ROOT. Nothing is known of that dark time in between. As the Guardians grew once more, so did the collection of history. The Tree, heavy with gem fruits, now hovers above its stump, a magical scar of a time of destruction and chaos.

The Guardians continue to grow, and with it, all antiquity preserved grows. There are no others in Norrath with all the information herein, and therefore it is our DUTY to protect this endeavor, and help continue to set things right. Since the dark time all Norrath has been in peril. Where once all of Norrath came to the Tree of Antiquity with reverence and respect, we are now a secret society, healing Norrath before the unveiling of the tree once more. A truly magnificent time that would be. A wondrous world Norrath would become! Ours is the quest of all Quests, the hope beyond hope. Ours is the thankless duty of a secret society bound to one day hearken the advent of unity, and the return of Kings. Join us, be us, live as history alive!!!!!

Some Norrathian's work towards similar goals, we belong to the Norrathian Alliance of Kindness. The Guardians of Antiquity and The Eternal Crusaders founded this Alliance of Guilds to help ensure collaborative success in these difficult times. We care for one another, we go to battle side by side, and our brothers and sisters we find in many places, not just in the preservation of Antiquity. In this case, we find our brothers and sisters in the Eternal Crusaders, and Call of the Phoenix! All Hail the NAK!

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The Guardians of Antiquity