LoreEntry #7: Spies & Elements

Lady Vox was alerted to our plans of attack, and escaped our vengeance, this time. Someone within our fellowship seemingly turned asunder, leaving us gripping our swords and grinding our teeth at the empty chamber Vox calls home. We believe we have identified the culprit, somewhat of a clever old shark, LITERALLY! Cauldronbubble the shark was enchanted by Shellara Ebbhunter, allowing him to come on land and appear as a water based elemental pet.

We know there is some "Devilry of the Flesh" involved in this cunning scheme we investigate: fire resistant Goblins, Ice resistant Goblins, now water elemental augmentation allowing our battle plans to be leaked! We MUST seal this leak. It cannot go unanswered! High level NAK members will be asked to sign up for a raid on Kedge Keep to exact our toll on the miscreant shark. Please utilize your mind link to the tree of antiquity (the Messageboard) to take part in this underwater battle! If you do not possess magical enhancement items granting you Enduring Breath and are in GoA there are ten slots in the signup who will be lent items from the GoA navy's guild vault holdings (rebreathers).

This elemental mastery has shown us fire, shown us ice, now we fight water, what else could there be? Earth of course! We travel full circle to the giant craters we began investigating so long ago. The Goblins most masterful within the earth reside in one place, Runnyeye Citadel. Less renowned NAK Members should take this opportunity to make a name for themselves, and march alongside NAK Legends into goblin battle in this terrible, war-torn hole in the earth. No doubt we may make new contacts in Rivervale for our services defending them from Runnyeye trash! 

NAKis Ready, but will our enemies flee before us as Vox has?

We shall see!



FourthAge of the Secret Tree