LoreEntry #8: Mischief and Marus

After digging deeply into the Akheva Ruins we found evidence that some creatures of Luclin were once sentient beings, now cursed into a mindless existence. Its possible that this was a first attempt at the undead curse we have seen in our past investigations. Stonegrabbers are especially suspect, and we will need a few groups of lower level NAK explorers to try their steel against them in Marus Seru, atempting to elicite any intelligent behavior of note. We must know if they were once sentient beings! 

The Warrens was especially fruitful! Although many suffered the ultimate price in the end, we did dispatch the king and high shaman, allowing us to instill fear in their followers and question them successfully. It seemed that a message had been delivered to the Dragon Faydedar, and we dispatched this dragon without a single death! Further questioning led us to a much more serious discovery. Mischief abound! Messages were regularly dispatched by the Prince himself to the Plane of Mischief 

Many of us will not return, but we must penetrate the Plane of Mischief! Who could be residing on this plane who aids our enemies? Will this information lead us closer, or could this be counter intelligence? We have no choice, and must investigate. Only the strongest of will and spirit should attempt this. NAK A CALL TO ARMS! 


FourthAge of the Secret Tree