LoreEntry #8: Fear and Darkness

After Going to the Alter Plane of Fear and exacting a heavy toll on Cazic Thule's minions within his own domain, we need to investigate a few more bastions of darkness.   The elemental mastery seen by the Kly and Velkator, along with the Root of this ancient power to turn mountains into craters seen in The Hole, forces us to dispatch NAK to investigate it. 

This is no simple task, and we call on our most prepared, battle-hardened NAK to investigate this dark reminder of ancient warfare. Another link in the dark chain, possibly linked to the Tower of Frozen Shadows, and definitely a haven for dark arts, must also be routed.  Najena must be confronted, and any Guardians willing to face such horrors as wait for you in her lair must come to help! 

In this task we face the very roots of this investigation. We need your help. Do not leave the glory, honor, and sacrifice to others.  Be a part of this Epic race to find our evil foes, err' they find us first! 

Vinmar Zentiel

FourthAge of the Secret Tree