Lore Entry #5: Devilry of the Flesh

After Investigating Befallen very thoroughly, we were at a dead end once more. The Maiden's Eye investigation turned out to be a bloody battle for our very lives! Dark days fall upon us as our unknown nemesis grows in strength.

When we set out to find this secret enemy in The Tower of Frozen Shadows we found a number of different races working together. This is worth noting, as whatever force, goal, or power united them transcends even the oldest lines of loyalty. One other place that has caught our eye shares this unique happenstance. Within the Crypt of Dalnir an ancient group, united under THE KLY, have coerced members of nearly every race to aid them in defending their stronghold. These KLY followers are believed to be an ancient offshoot of the Sarnak, who long ago took a terrible turn. They use this stronghold to conduct experiments on other races, Devilry of the Flesh, a terrible atrocity in itself. We, however, also believe there may be a link between the KLY and the Luggalds. They are both races that are using other races to shield their dark deeds, and they are both ancient powers little is known about. Both of these groups may be exactly the key to discovering our oldest of enemies.

Our younger Guardians need time to grow in experience and outfit themselves for battle with such dubious foes. We call on our middle level Guardians to investigate The Crypt of Dalnir. We want you to stop these terrible atrocities for the good of all Norrathians, however a more daunting task also is placed upon you. We not only hope that you might slay THE KLY himself for ages of devilry of the flesh, but also need tomes recovered from this place. Many texts of the KLY History and the stealing of the Crypt of Dalnir, as well as the terrible experimentation done there since, are rotting away in this terrible place. Return to us as many tomes as possible, that our scribes might search their contents for clues to the Luggalds, or the power afforded our evil nemesis through the dragons depicted on the seal of the scroll recovered from The Tower of Frozen Shadows.

Any Leader's darkest days are those that entail sending his or her people to battle, and possibly to their graves. This next task is not given lightly, and only the most brave, experienced, battle hardened may respond to this request! We have intercepted correspondence between Velketor himself and Tserrina Syl'Tor of the Tower of Frozen Shadows. We have no idea what an outcast Storm Giant has to do with our known enemy Tserrina, but we hope to find out more. The Magician Velketor is well outside our reach at this time, however there are a few notable "oddities" of the guards in his labyrinth. It is entirely possible these were "created" to aid those already under his spell and forced to protect him. The Blizzard Spiders are aided, if not lead, by a select few Frenzied Velium Spiders.

We hope to destroy these minions in an effort to allow our magician to attempt to counteract Velketor's charm, perhaps on some of his Kobold minions. Just one of these minions turned informant could give us a means of intercepting more of Velketor's correspondence, giving us a clue as to who else might be involved. The reason we believe THE KLY may be involved with Velketor in creating abominations like the Frenzied Velium Spiders is "Velketor's Experiments", the incredibly powerful soul-less ice golem type warriors of his inner chambers, they are not found anywhere else. It is entirely possible that in ages long forgotten Velketor was cast out by the storm giants for aiding The KLY in devilry of the flesh, or perhaps, the other way around. Should we fail to destroy these frenzied beasts we should attempt to destroy as many minions as possible, allowing our secret spy magician access and time to attempt reversing Velkator's spell, releasing just one minion from his hold, and gaining us this invaluable resource.

May the Winds of Fate Bless NAK in these crucial endeavors!

Vinmar Zentiel

Fourth Age of the Secret Tree