Lore Entry #4: Dens of Deceit

NAK marched valiantly into the depths of Permafrost, taking its own "tribute" from the Goblins there. Unfortunately there was a leak, our plan was somehow discovered. Permafrost Giants awaited our arrival in the King's Chamber and exacted a heavy price for our success, however we did succeed. It appears there is some biological link between these and the Sol A goblin. Perhaps some devilry from Droga has conjured or spawn these goblins in a past ages, unbeknownst to us. The link between them still is undiscovered...for now.

Our team's investigation of the Gulf of Gunthak, and Dulak's Harbor revealed a possible "missing" link, the one we have searched for. The dark ones of ages past...the Luggalds. Their arcane abilities, forging knowledge, control of bodies of water, and ways are all lost to antiquity, and quite astonishing! Perhaps in the future we will pursue this strange, dark, new player in our midst.

The battle at the City of Mist was ferocious! We endured heavy losses, yet succeeded in our mission. A member of the raiding party, Viehmagnat, returned to us bleeding and near death, with an ancient, crumbling parchment he had ripped from the death grip of the foe that nearly vanquished him. This parchment was never meant to see the light of day...we now have new information.

It is readily apparent from the information obtained in the City of Mist that there was a terrible and dark force roaming Norrath. This force had a tendency to use its allies to guard themselves from public view in their actions, and then betray or curse them when finished. It is obvious this was the case in the City of Mist, and that Cazic-Thule was involved. After using an entire people as shields, they damned them to utter oblivion...or in these poor wretches case, the everlasting lack thereof!

We must continue to investigate any and all areas that may be effected by this "curse". An ancient temple, once beautiful, splendidly kept by monks who were aesthetically conscious, now lies in ruin. This area, now filled with crumbling halls walked by the putrid flesh of the undying, should be a target for our less experienced. Befallen must be investigated. This area reeks with the stermin drang of our secret enemy's curse. It is very possible that we could glean information from the enchantment of the Thaumaturgist's dagger, learning the origins of the dark knowledge our still hidden foes possess.

A great force of power and resolve, our most experienced NAK brethren, are required for a more daunting task. These well trained and long standing explorers are called from the distant lands they reside in to investigate the most ancient city found on Luclin that may be related to this curse...Maiden's Eye...The undead city of Akheva. We know very little about these cursed inhabitants...but hope that information gleaned, and perhaps even ancient treasures acquired, might help our cause!

Finally, a joint effort of mid-aged to high level members must investigate the last of these undead ruins, this one more elusive historically than most. Kaesora is the ancient ruins of what may have been a citadel, perhaps constructed by the Vampiric Warlord Chosooth himself. We will need all the power at our command to investigate this place, as it is sure to be a difficult endeavor. Hail NAK!

Carry on the battle of knowledge, for perception is too easily skewed!

Vinmar Zentiel

Fourth Age of the Secret Tree