LoreEntry #6: Dragon Slaying

At last the time has come, to throw our might against an ancientenemy.  Our foray into the lands of the twisted, evil creatures of Norrathhas turned up hard earned bits of information.  Alas many are mere scraps,and as such make little sense of there own.  One of those, a scrollrecovered from the Tower of Frozen Shadows, was sealed with wax, bearing thesymbol of a dark figure surrounded by dragons. 

This prompted movement against the outcast Lord Nagafen in his ownfiery den.  As successful as the battle was, information yet eludes evenour wisest seers.  However, many bony fingers point in the samedirection.  The lair of the ice dragon, Lady Vox!  As she sits amongher ice fortress in Permafrost, her dark forces grow ever stronger, and itappears as if she is not working alone. 

Scouts have been seized, and information gathered that suggests amost unholy of alliances.  The Ice Queen doesn’t give up her secrets soeasily though, and it is time for the Guardians of Antiquity to call upon ourNAK brethren to aid us as we march into the home of the beast herself. Perhaps we can gain such knowledge as to move forward our efforts, and deal acrippling blow to an as yet unidentified enemy. 

In this task we will require great strength and fellowship. We call upon our newfound allies, Fallen Fellowship, in our time of peril toaid in vanquishing this foe!  To arms Guardians of Antiquity! Prepare for battle Call of the Phoenix!  Sharpen your blades and words EternalCrusaders!  Steel yourself Lady Vox! 

NAKis coming, and we aren’t happy!



FourthAge of the Secret Tree