Lore Entry #10: Astral Connections

Well our invasion into the Luggald Fortress was more than successful.   We managed to reach the Crypt hidden deep within the fortress, and to fight our way to its deepest recesses. Within this entombment of dark decay we found the once believed mythical Flag ship of the pirates, Hate’s Fury.  We Destroyed many of its inhabitants, and learned a great deal about these Luggalds and their followers. It is readily apparent that this race is old enough to have been an open society back when the largest kindom in the land was Kedge Keep, deep underwater. A different bit of information was more important however. 

It was found in some historical texts residing in an unused cabin on the Hate’s Fury that the luggalds have been in communication with Centi from the Moon of Luclin, possibly even able to travel to and from Luclin long before we could.  We must invade the Centi Stronghold, the Akheva Ruins, and discover what this connection might mean. Perhaps the legendary Mind Worm guardians of the Centi are also abominations of nature, as we have seen throughout the unraveling of this evil plot.  We must learn of this connection at any cost! 

Castle Mistmoore could not have been a greater success! We not only gleaned new information on the evil network’s messengers, but converted an inhabitant to spy for us.  This undead soul was the grandson of a Guardian of Antiquity, long, long ago.  He pledged his allegiance to our cause, and suggested we investigate their messenger services, which are carried out by Kobolds of Clan Kolbok.  We will need to invade The Warrens, and “question” the prince, and even their king.  GoA must be sure to destroy their high shaman at any cost, and keep their eyes open for any other attrocities of the flesh they may encounter there! 

Vinmar Zentiel

Fourth Age of the Secret Tree