LoreEntry #9: All Out War

After Leveling Najena and burrowing deep into The Hole we have new evidence.   It is apparent from these investigations that our foes grow in strength. We also have clear evidence that Luggalds were involved in much of the "alterations" of nature we have encountered throughout our pursuit of this foe. 

This will be a difficult endeavor to be sure, however we must invade the Luggald stronghold in the Gulf of Gunthak, perhaps even pushing our way to its inner recesses and accessing the Crypt held within. Only the highest levels should attend this, as it is flat out war, an open invasion.  This is something we have not done in hundreds of years, but the moment to fight back is NOW! 

While all eyes are on our main invasion of the Luggald stronghold, we need our younger members to carry out a covert mission. Castle Mistmoore is bound to have information on our dark enemy. Although we have no belief that its inhabitants are involved, little in the dark realm goes unnoticed by this kingdom.  We will need you to wretch information out of their filthy, dead hands at any cost.  Do not count this mission less important than the Luggald attack, its crucial! 


FourthAge of the Secret Tree