Lore Entry #3: Ages Long Forgotten

Murph Cobblestone was found, and in fear and cowardice before us gave up The Planar Beast without hesitation. The taskmaster paid dearly for not answering our questions, and died a painful death for his lack of cooperation. Crystal Caverns shook under our feet with the fall of the queen. Many a dwarf-harrying creature in those caverns felt our fury as we repaid the debt to Eternal Crusaders. The undead Nobleman of Unrest was a mindless blight, nothing more. Nothing could be gained from these investigations, and a dark cloud blurs my vision of our next steps.

Just then, as if the most sanctified sound I had ever heard rang through my very mind; the Call of the Phoenix pierced the air. These allies in NAK brought new hope to our cause in investigating this age-old evil in our midst. We called on their disciplined force of power and dedication to aid us in our endeavors, to seek out the root of this evil and end its secret terror.

With all the guilds of NAK united, not many forces in all of Norrath and beyond stand much of a chance. Power, motivation, information, and resolve we had...but no enemy. No target was known to unleash this power upon.

The Trolls of Cazic-Thule and Innoruuk caught our attention. Much happenings in the area of these still faithfully evil servants are told as of late. Perhaps we should consider investigating this further. In this, we shall carry on expeditions and fact-finding missions into the new areas discovered, and the investigate the rekindling of the Legacy of Yeksha as common knowledge, which disturbs us greatly.

First, however, we must take what information we have...undead, cursed, Cazic-Thule, divine power of controlling great masses...only one place comes to mind...fitting all these characteristics, Lord Rak'Ashiir's city, the City of Mist!

We must dispatch an NAK fact finding fellowship to the City of Mist, who's towers, great masses, defy even gravity with magic no longer known to us. The undead, cursed inhabitants once worshiped Cazic-Thule. These facts all fit this place. We do not have proof that it is involved, mind you, simply a hypothesis which fits the facts we do have. We may be able to glean more pertinent information from these more complex, developed, more conscious undead than the vaporous apparition in Unrest. This was true of the scholars in Tower of Frozen Shadow, so this mission MUST come back with information we can use, or all may be lost. Perhaps after losing faith in Cazic-Thule, due to his son's death, Lord Rak'Ashiir led his people to Innoruuk, and their ancient fate is truely bound up with the Legacy of Yeksha. Should this be true, the current activity of these ancient battle torn areas raise great fear in me, as it may mark the reactivation of this "Age Long Forgotten's evil enemy", and our demise should we not intercede.

Finally, in our investigations involving Goblins, (Solusek's Eye and The Temple of Droga), only one Goblin Clan did not care to hear of the tribute scam run against them, the Ice Goblins. This may be our only other lead, and a less experienced force of NAK investigators should be dispatched to Permafrost, ancient and evil lair of Lady Vox, our sworn enemy. We do not wish to have meddling with this Dragon nor her Slave Giants at this time, simply follow up the lead on these Ice Goblins. We hope to find out what the Archaeologist has found, discuss their lack of interest in the Solusek and Droga Goblin's treachery with their preacher, and if not compliant, simply slay their King...King Thex Ka IV. Perhaps there is some link to these goblins of different elemental strengths invloving powers we do not understand, as the Solusek Goblins fear no fire, and the ice goblins brave the frigid wastes.

Smile upon us this day fate; let our leads unearth some clue to our dilemma!

Vinmar Zentiel

Fourth Age of the Secret Tree